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Hanuman Jayanti 2014

By NHSF (UK) Learning Team


15th April 2013 (Chaitra Sud 15 in the Hindu Calendar)

Hanuman Jayanti celebrates the birth of Lord Rama's most ardent devotee, Hanumanji. It is celebrated every year on the full moon day of the Chaitra month.

When we speak or hear of Hanumanji, we instantly think of the ideal sevak who epitomises sewa of the Lord at the very core of His being. Throughout the Ramayana, we see that Hanumanji’s obedience towards God was unfathomable and He is seen as an embodiment of devotion and loyalty to Lord Rama. He is an ideal Karma Yogi (one whose devotion is demonstrated through selfless service, humility and devotion) and is the ideal of Prem (unconditional love), Bhakti (devotion), Satya (truth) Karuna (compassion) and Sewa (Selflessness).


Ram Navmi 2014

By NHSF (UK) Learning Team

Ram Parivaar

Ramnavmi, the birth of Shree Rama, is celebrated on the ninth day of the bright fortnight of the Hindu month of Chaitra. In some parts of India it is a nine-day festival, coinciding with the Vasanta Navratri, and many people fast over this period.


Press Release: Yashika Bageerathi


Yashika Bageerathi, an A-level student aged 19, The student had been in the UK since 2011, and was deported on an Air Mauritius flight from Heathrow Airport 2nd April at 9pm.

A young student, who had arrived from her home country of Mauritius, to the United Kingdom, in 2011 along with her mother and two younger siblings. She has gone on to study for her A-levels, and is regarded by her peers as possessing tremendous academic talent. Termed a ‘gifted’ schoolgirl and described as an active and helpful member of the school community by her head-teacher, Ms Lynne Dawes, Miss Bageerathi is predicted As and A*s for her A-levels and is due to take her exams next month, in May. Despite being detained in the Immigration Removal Centre, Yashika attempted to continue her studies and complete her A-levels.


NHSF (UK) London and South Zone Krishna Kirtan 2014

By Rosie Kirti Dutt
NHSF St. George’s Bhakti Coordinator

NHSF UK Krishna Kirtan

On repetition of an event, the aim in mind is always set out to make it as successful, if not better, than the first. With the commitment of over 20 universities spread across London and South zone our 2nd Krishna Kirtan event did just this!

In December 2013 the Krishna Kirtan committee was established, with the conviction that all members would do their up-most best in making it a success which was most certainly reflected in the event itself. With regular contact via WhatsApp, Skype and various other means of communication; the committee were regularly discussing all aspects of the event- from catering and sponsors to advertisement and learning.