By Mayur Shikotra
NHSF (UK) Events Team

During my time at university, I met many people who ate meat- but not on a Tuesday. When I asked them why they don’t eat meat on a Tuesday, their answer was normally, “because my parents told me not to.” I have also asked my parents why they fast on certain days but I never get a clear answer as to why? I have begun to realize that I am not alone and that many students today are fed up of practicing a “blind faith”; doing things without having a proper explanation or reason behind it.

This year, National Hindu Students’ Forum (NHSF (UK)) have asked students across the UK what questions they want answered and have taken on the challenge in answering these; some of the most complex and controversial questions facing Hindus in the 21st Century. NHSF (UK) brings to you ‘BIG HINDU QUESTIONS’ on Saturday 24th November at University of Wolverhampton (Walsall Campus). We believe that long gone are the days where blind faith is sufficient. Young Hindus are seeking answers to important questions about their faith and its origins; NHSF (UK) is determined to have these questions answered.

If you have a burning question you need answering or you simply want to inquire into the great minds of world renowned Hindu Scholars and Professors then this is your chance – the floor is yours. NHSF (UK) presents to you a ‘reality check’ at one of the most awaited conferences of the year – ‘Big Hindu Questions.’ With 3 talks and a choice of 8 workshops, this is an event that is not to be missed. So put the date in your diary and register your place. Go to for more information.