By Rohil Goutam
NHSF (UK) Campus Team

National Hindu Students’ Forum (NHSF) (UK) is sad to learn that the young medical student, who was raped multiple times and attacked with an iron rod in India, has succumbed to her injuries. This was a woman who had a promising career ahead of her which was ultimately cut short by a group of six men.

She was attacked, along with her male friend, on a bus after watching a movie on the eve of December 16th. She suffered severe multiple organ damage and was transferred to Mount Elizabeth hospital in Singapore which specialises in multi-organ transplant because her injuries were so severe.

The attack sparked two weeks of protests about gender attitudes in India, and calls for changes to laws on rape and violence against women. Thousands of people demanding justice for this young woman are calling for senior politicians in the Indian parliament to change the law from its current sentence of maximum life imprisonment to capital punishment for the six perpetrators.

We, as a worldwide community, must rise against such acts of violence and domination.

On behalf of NHSF (UK), I would like to express my condolences to the woman’s family for their loss.

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