National Hindu Students’ Forum (NHSF) (UK) is deeply shocked and saddened by the gang rape incident which took place in the Indian capital, Delhi. On Sunday 16th December, a 23-year old medical student was gang raped and brutally attacked with an iron rod on a bus for approximately an hour in the Munirka area, along with her male friend who tried to defend her.

It is understood that the victim has undergone surgery and is in fighting spirit, however her condition is still described as critical.There have been widespread protests by communities within Delhi and the government have announced that measures will be put in place to make the capital safer for women.

Sonia Gandhi, India’s most powerful political leader, visited the woman in hospital and called for urgent measures to protect women, calling the latest incident a “matter of shame”.

There is an urgent need to take “whatever steps are necessary to undertake community action, to strengthen law and order, and to step up vigilance to protect women,” she added.

NHSF (UK) condemns such attacks and aims to ensure that the wider Hindu community come together to tackle such issues by creating awareness so victims get justice. Heartfelt thoughts and prayers from students across the UK go to the victim, her friend and their families. The principle of ahimsa, non violence, is one of the most fundamental in Hindu Dharma. NHSF (UK) endorse any progressive action by Indian authorities to protect women in India.

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