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Sewa Week 2014

By Payal Chheda
NHSF Sewa Team

For university students, the typical picture of missed lectures, partying and cramming a whole year’s revision into a few weeks to get that 2:1 or first class degree is painted often enough. But are there alternative uses for our time rather than just gathering information and spending £9,000 every year on fees just so we can enjoy university life?

Sewa Week 2014

National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK) (NHSF (UK)) organises Sewa Week every year, at which time Sewa is undertaken by students at universities across the country. Sewa presents the idea of doing something for others without expecting anything in return. Given how simple this sounds, we probably don’t do it often enough! Sewa Week aims to get universities to think of creative ways to make a difference – this could be anything from donating clothes to charity to feeding ducks at a local park. This year, there has been a focus on increasing awareness on micro-volunteering, with the aim of making people realise how easy it is to make a difference no matter how small it may be.

This year the Sewa Team decided to introduce “Seven Sewa Themes” to help universities organise different types of activities during the week:

  1. Sewa 4 the environment
  2. Sewa 4 animals
  3. Sewa 4 the community
  4. Sewa 4 the soul
  5. Sewa 4 humans
  6. Sewa 4 fundraising
  7. Sewa 4 awareness

Sewa Week 2014 took place from 24th February – 2nd March with 35 universities doing over one hundred Sewa activities in the space of a week.

These included bag packing at Portsmouth, an assault course and blood donation recruitment at Brunel; a campus clean up and an Indian party for disabled people at Coventry, and a homeless run as well as a movie, FIFA and mocktail night at Manchester to name just a few.

The Sewa Team would like to thank all the universities that participated for their effort not just during Sewa Week but also for all the hard work that went into planning the week. Their ideas have been innovative and the impact made in the week was massive!

As Albert Einstein once said “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” During Sewa Week we lived for others. Let us imbibe the virtue of Sewa, and try and live for others everyday, in whatever capacity we can.

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