Pupils who survived the brutality at their school in Pakistan live to tell the horrific story of the events which occurred this week. At least 132 children and nine members of staff were killed when Taliban gunmen stormed the school on Tuesday. The militants went from classroom to classroom for hours, in what was the deadliest Taliban attack in Pakistan.

This futile act of horrifying brutality should be an awakening for the rest of the world to depart from trivial differences of opinion, be it due to religious, political, economic or any other purpose. We should seek to unite under one umbrella of humanity to stand up against those who seek stoop to the lowest means to achieve unjust results. The National Hindu Student Forum (UK) condemns such an atrocious act against innocent civilians and children. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have lost their loved ones, and we pray for peace and strength for all those affected by this terrible event..

Vishal Patel
PR – Co-ordinator