Less than 50% of students turned out to vote in the last general election. We’re labelled as lazy, uninterested and apathetic when it comes to elections. Apparently, we just don’t care!

Why is it then, that 9 in 10 students came out to vote in the referendum in Scotland. It’s not that we don’t care – it’s that we’re angry with the democratic process.

Tuition fees have tripled, student allowances such as EMA scrapped and private sector rents are skyrocketing. We endure financial hardships and future debt unimaginable to the students of ten years ago and we stand to suffer far worse employment prospects than our parents.

We have a right to be angry – but it’s now time to do something about it.

There are 194 seats that are “marginal”, where the winner in 2010 won by 10% of votes or less. These are the seats that would only need 5% of voters to switch from one party to another for the seat to change hands.

In all but six of those seats, the number of students living there is larger than the swing required. This means that students seriously have the power to potentially sway almost 200 seats. Even more powerful is that in some constituencies there are Cabinet and ministerial seats at stake.

We have the power to change the balance of power in the UK and we are a force to be reckoned with. All parties need to know that we won’t forget broken promises.

If we don’t support any party, we can even choose to ‘spoil the ballot’ and show our dissatisfaction with the current system.

It’s time to get out vote on the 7th of May, and start fixing politics in Britain.