Rhushabh Maugi
Sewa Team

On 4th of October 2015, thousands of volunteers will gather worldwide to take part in International Sewa Day and all will experience the joy of giving in the truest sense through selfless service. This year National Hindu Students’ Forum (NHSF UK) will aim to beat its record of 1200 student volunteers that took part across 45 university chapters in 2014. NHSF chapters took part in a variety of Sewa projects, from Sewa for humans to Sewa for the environment. Collectively NHSF (UK) will build up thousands of hours of Sewa. From Plymouth to Edinburgh NHSF (UK) members will take part in Sewa activities whilst wearing their purple Sewa Day t-shirts with the tag line “Every Day= Sewa Day”.

By participating in this collective endeavour, NHSF (UK) members will sow the seeds of Sewa so that acts of kindness and public service are performed more often in the years to come ensuring Sewa becomes an intrinsic act. Sewa Day is the catalyst and the start of the “Sewa Life”. This is the life where Sewa becomes part of a persons’ routine and everyday should be a Sewa Day. The ethos of NHSF (UK) is that Sewa is a way of life and is part of our daily routines. NHSF believe that Sewa is an act of selfless service that is done without having expectations along with giving back to the community.

The principles of each project that is organised are:

  • Help relieve hardship and poverty
  • Bring a little joy to others
  • Help the environment
  • Have a lasting effect on the community

“In unity lies strength,” through these various Sewa projects NHSF(UK) will unite to a make a significant difference to thousands of lives this Sewa Day.