Riddhi Gorania
Sewa team

Did you know? The International Day of Peace, fondly referred to as “World Peace Day” is held on the 21st September every year. The first World Peace day was held in 1982; it has since spread globally and touched many people.

On this day all nations and people are invited to stop all hostilities and in general to engage in the day through education and public awareness on peace related issues. This year the day came at a time of immense violence and conflict across the world and is more relevant now than ever, even though our own lives may not necessarily be affected by these issues. The 1960’s and 70’s will be remembered as decades when peace was mainstream – why then, do we no longer talk about world peace, and have we lost hope in it? I don’t think so – across the world, millions of people have kept the dream of peace alive.

On 21st September 2015, millions of people came together across 1417 events globally. Events such as meditation classes, music festivals and marches were all held in honour of the day, with the ideal aim of paving the way for world peace.

Is world peace something that inspires you to want to make a change? Then start talking about it and even host your own event to inspire others!