London Zone Garba

On the evening of 28th October 2015, NHSF (UK) London Zone team managed to get together more than 1000 students from 15 different universities at Harrow Leisure Centre to celebrate the festival of Navratri – the triumph of good over evil. London Zone Garba is one of the most anticipated events of the year for each and every student, as they have the opportunity to come in traditional attire and play garba, dandiya and ramjanyu to the beats of Melody Express. Not to forget the mouthwatering food provided from Dabeli Hut, especially the colorful golas provided by Ice Gola Shack that our guests enjoyed thoroughly. Furthermore, students also had the opportunity to understand the learning aspect as to why Navratri is celebrated. The venue was filled with positive vibes from its full capacity throughout the night. This event would have only been possible with the dedication and passion portrayed by the London Zone Team – with the help of a representative from each chapter and the volunteers. London Zone Garba was a huge success and hopefully it will be even bigger and better in the upcoming years.



South Zone Garba

South Zone garba this year was hosted by NHSF Bristol with Exeter, Reading and UWE also in attendance. It was a spectacular evening with one of the largest turnouts so far. Over £300 was raised for the charities: The Divya Sewa Foundation and Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal. Everyone was made to feel welcome and there was a great atmosphere present. The live band sang beautiful garba and the Aarti was made even more incredible by a sea of glow sticks which has been handed to attendees upon arrival. Special thanks to NHSF Bristol for putting in a tremendous amount of effort and for all the members across different chapters attending. South Zone is very spread out but this event showed the great sense of unity present between all chapters and the progression of South Zone as a whole.



Central Zone Garba

On the 28th October 2015 at Ramgharia Community Centre in Leicester-We were privileged enough to welcome over 1300 students from 12 enthusiastic and energetic universities from across the Midlands to celebrate the magnificent festival of Navratri.
As most of us know, Navratri is an auspicious 9 day festival where Hindus emphasise the motherhood of goddesses. The festival is dedicated to Maa Durga as she nobly represents power. Navratri also symbolises the triumph of good over evil.
The event which was organised by the National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK) was a huge hit with the students. It was a spectacular night engrossed with tradition, passion, unity and joy. The most rewarding feeling for Central Zone Team was after knowing that their time and effort was worthwhile when we saw lots of Hindu students from different backgrounds coming together and dancing with each other around the garbo with beaming smiles, making the evening even more memorable.
The final touch to making the event absolutely perfect were the stalls we had for Learning and Sewa completed with a very passionate speech from Hemant Mistry and Sonal Joshi – members of our NHSF (UK) Learning team. This ensured we were sticking to our NHSF (UK) core value. We also had members of NHSF (UK) events team with their own stall promoting Dharma Fest which is another golden opportunity for chapters to perform some form of art and to express their dedication towards their most inspiring role models.
In conclusion, the night was truly phenomenal with mouth-watering food. It was heard of from many students that this was one of their favourite garba events and they would definitely be attending next year. We look forward to making the event even more promising next year and to continue raising profits to support our National Charity, Divya Seva Foundation.



North Zone Garba

On October 14th 2015, hundreds of students from NHSF Northumbria, all the way down to Sheffield finished University, got ready and made the journey to Manchester for one night only. To celebrate Navratri at North Zone Garba 2015!

A combination of the local community and excited university students lit up the room with their colourful attire, creating a vibrant atmosphere as they took part in garba and dandya raas. The celebration of Hindu goddesses and that of good conquering over evil was truly embraced and the energy could be felt throughout the entire night.

North Zone Garba 2015 was a night with electric atmosphere enjoyed by students and the local community alike, it was an event that cannot be described in words but must be experienced first-hand!


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