12 Universities, 9 Iconic Hindu Heroes, 5 Winners, 1 Night…


On Saturday 5th December 2015, 110 University students from across the country came together to bring 9 Hindu Heroes and Heroines to life, to entertain a live audience. NHSF (UK) was proud to present the return of Dharma Fest – our National Learning Event.

Talent from across the UK, from Liverpool to Bristol, came to the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, in London to showcase their understanding of Hindu Dharma by means of portraying the key messages from Hindu Heroes and Heroines from our rich heritage.

The audience were captivated as they watched characters such as Gandhiji to Meerabai. Each act used a variety of performing arts to depict their chosen character and to compete with their fellow students to win Dharma Fest 2015.

This is the beauty of National Events; seeing our chapters from across the country working hard and coming together to collaborate and develop their own learning, and in the process, also raising awareness and teaching others. The youth have the power to make an impact and be proud to show their faith to others; Dharma Fest 2015 was this platform.

A big thank you to each chapter who participated and for being part of our national learning event and our wonderful audience.

We are proud to announce the winners of Dharma Fest 2015:

Most Innovative Performance:
NHSF Reading

Best Chapter Involvement:
NHSF Liverpool

Best Choreographed / Scripted Act:
NHSF Keele

Best Costume:

Overall Most Meaningful and Informative Learning Act:
NHSF Bristol


Jaimal Patel
Events Co-ordinator