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National Sports Competition 2016

National Sports Competition 2016

The hard work, hours of training and practicing were put to the test at the 12th annual National Sports Competition! At Tipton Sports Academy, 750 students attended bright and early ready to make an impact. The day started off with Madhav Dave, NHSF (UK) National Learning Coordinator explaining the three Sanskaars: Honesty, Integrity and Respect which were important in the competition. He spoke beautifully about the concept of togetherness and being part of one family. His words created a powerful atmosphere and brought a sense of unity to all.
Throughout the course of the day the competition was tough as Chapters pushed themselves to get through the group stages and into the semi-finals. Teams had clear strategies and players used their skills to win against their opponents. There were some historic moments that were made, the most thrilling being NHSF Nottingham claiming their victory for Netball. NHSF Loughborough won for the first time in football which was fantastic to see. It was a tense final between NHSF Kingston and NHSF Brunel and Westminster’s joint team with the latter becoming victorious after a competitive match of kho-kho. To add to their accomplishments NHSF Brunel also took home the Badminton trophy.
The attractions at the event were far from short on the day as Anthony Nolan and Bite the Ballot came to raise awareness for their causes. The National Learning Team had a brilliant yoga class and National Sewa Team had their annual Sewa disabled cricket which promoted disability in sport. We were honoured to have the Royal Air Force sponsor the event and help us achieve success. The Royal Air Force representatives were happy to get involved in the Sports Competition by playing NHSF Imperial who were crowned the Kabaddi winners for 2016. Overall Wing Commander Bob Bamford was delighted with the work we do and expressed his encouragement and gratitude to all.
After 117 games were over, the winners were:
Football – Loughborough
Netball – Nottingham
Kho-kho – Brunel & Westminster
Badminton – Brunel
Kabaddi – Imperial

NHSF (UK) would like to applaud all the students who participated for their hard work and effort whilst also incorporating the three Sanskaars. The games were played with a high level of professionalism, skill and team spirit. A big thank you to our match referees, Tipton Sports Academy support staff and the Royal Air Force who helped make this a successful and unforgettable sports competition.

– Jaimal Patel

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