NHSF (UK) has officially begun its celebrations for “25: Bearing the Flame of Hindu Dharma” (celebrating our silver anniversary, 25 years), by hosting its first national event, June Committees’ Day (JCD). JCD took place on Saturday 18th June 2016 at the University of Nottingham and what a huge success it was! Many months of planning was certainly demonstrated in the smoothly delivered workshops, which left Chapter Committee members who attended inspired and motivated to make this year the best yet for their Chapter.

The day kick started with a game of Human Bingo, which gave every person in the room a chance to interact. The purpose of the game was to find people who “live abroad”, “study engineering” and so and so forth. Good humour and friendly introductions acted as the perfect icebreaker. The entire day was dedicated to the development of Chapter Committees through role breakouts and brand new, knowledge packed workshops, such as Keeping Hinduism Hip, Money Matters, Innovative, Invigorative and Inspiring Events, Brightening the Beacons, The Power of Social Media and The Bigger Picture.

The Bigger Picture workshop was particularly an eye-catcher as it brought together the NHSF (UK) Advisory Board, Alumni and the current National Committee with Chapter Committees. This was not only massively inspiring for Chapters, but for newer members of the National Committee. Our 25th year marks a turning point in history for the Hindu youth as we reflect on how much we have achieved throughout the years of NHSF (UK) and how much more we are about to.

Organising committee member of the World Hindu Economic Forum, London, and Honorary Professor at Nottingham Business School, Hardevji Singh, started the proceedings with an inspirational talk around the key skills developed at such training days that can help nurture and promote young entrepreneurs of the future. The event saw the launch of new initiatives, all in celebration of “25: Bearing the Flame of Hindu Dharma”, including, but not limited to, 100in100 Well Wishers Scheme, the new NHSF (UK) Database, the Adopt a Mandir project, Chapter Development Fund and many more.

JCD aimed to convey one very important focus, which was to emphasise that National Committee and Chapter Committees are one strong union who work alongside each other. Interestingly, not only did Chapters realise the importance of treating their committees well, but National Committee also demonstrated a stronger connection when producing the workshops, which posed as a learning curve for everyone. Everybody definitely felt the strength, which lies in unity. We are one big NHSF (UK) family, who support each other in our endeavours and succeed through our hard work every single time.

Overall, JCD proved to be a great success and the coming year is sure to see some of our biggest, best and brightest events to mark the 25th year of NHSF (UK) – “25: Bearing the Flame of Hindu Dharma”!

The celebrations have well and truly begun.

I am NHSF. You are NHSF. WE ARE NHSF! #IgniteTheFlame #JCD

– Charmi Shah