– Priyesh Keshav Ranmal,

“As that big black door opened-up, the Prime Minister stood arms around her husband Philip on the steps of Number 10, chuffed but dogged.”

Yesterday’s momentous evening saw Theresa May MP commute to Buckingham Palace to “kiss” the Royal Hand and officially assume her Right Honourable position as the First Lord of The Treasury and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The new incumbent was then chauffeured in the Prime Ministerial Limousine, which took her to the pivotal and all-conquering pavement of Downing Street, where she announced that “Her Majesty The Queen has asked her to form a new Government”.

As that big black door opened-up, the Prime Minister stood arms around her husband Philip on the steps of Number 10, chuffed but dogged. Entering their official residence, they gave that famed wave to the snappers and news reporters before the house-warming began.

It had been raining all day, but the dreary clouds and wet surfaces did not impede the lady in high heels; she didn’t slip. That’s it? Not really. Her real test awaits her further-down past that Number 10 corridor where the staff applauded her ingress.

In the last 12 hours (and probably still hasn’t even unpacked her bags), Mrs. May has already started the rousing process of reshuffling the Cabinet. As the evening turned to night, George Osborne resigned from Government and was replaced by Philip Hammond as the new Chancellor. To everyone’s flabbergast, Boris Johnson became Foreign Secretary. May’s warm chair in the Home Office will now seat Amber Rudd, the new Home Secretary. Michael Fallon has kept his job as Defence Secretary, while a keen “Brexiteer” Liam Fox has been made Secretary of State for International Trade. Given the Brexit scene, Prime Minister May has conceived the ‘Ministry of Exiting the EU’, where David Davis has been appointed as the “Brexit Secretary”. She will continue to announce her full cabinet over the coming hours.

Yesterday marked 20 days since the results of the EU was announced – that’s 20 days of
political hullaballoo, constitutional tension, economic volatility, national uncertainty and, generally, a sense of “what the ‘eff is going on?”. Amidst all of this, Theresa May seemed to be the only one to keep her cool and firmly proclaim the only certainty, that is “Brexit means Brexit!”

So, now that she has become the head of Her Majesty’s Government, all eyes are on her. Although she will not be responsible for many of the forthcoming decisions, she will, inexorably, be held accountable – such is the perpetual liability that comes with the job! But how much do we actually know about the second female Prime Minister in British history?

  • She is the daughter of a vicar who started as an “envelope stuffer” at her local Conservative Association.
  • She then worked her way up to become a councillor in Merton (1986 to 1994). During this time she also served as Chairman of Education, Deputy Group Leader, and Housing Spokesperson.
  • She became MP for Maidenhead in 1997, the first female chair of the Conservative Party in 2002 and then Home Secretary in 2010.
  • She has been the longest serving Home Secretary in 50 years (she held the position for 6 years). Although she achieved great successes during her service, net migration reached record levels, causing the huge pressures on the Government. Oh and she was the head of MI5 too!
  • She has a bold, intrepid personality and has never been one to hold back (search her searing speech attacking the Police Federation on 21st May 2014).
  • She started her career at the Bank of England and she has held positions such as Head of European Affairs Unit and Senior Advisor on International Affairs – she’s experienced in European politics!
  • She was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes in 2013, although she was “shocked”, she averred that it “doesn’t affect how [she] does the job. It’s a case of head down and getting on with it.” – She is said to have a no-nonsense attitude!
  • She has a love for kitten (mostly faux leopard skin) heels and designer clothing.
  • She met her husband at St Hugh’s College, Oxford University while studying Geography.
  • The couple have no children. When asked about this, she said “it’s just one of those things. You accept the hand that life deals you”.
  • We don’t know whether she is superstitious about becoming the 13th Prime Minister in Queen Elizabeth I’s reign on the 13th day of the month. Woah!

Regardless of what party one represents/supports, it is no secret that the office of PM is one of high responsibility, onus, travail and sleepless nights. We congratulate Madam Prime Minister on reaching this upper echelon of politics and we wish her all the very best in her premiership to lead Great Britain to greater heights.