For the first time ever, NHSF De Montfort University Hindu Society (DMUHS) was honoured to volunteer in a trip to India 2016, which was organised by our sponsor, Bhaarat Welfare Trust (BWT) and India Aid. We travelled to Bangalore to teach deaf children at Sheila Kothavala Institute for the Deaf (SKID). At this institute, we spent two weeks interacting with children through sport and games, whilst teaching them English and Sign Language. Our main project and aim was a huge success. We achieved our main goal of painting their main school hall and making it educational, vibrant and fun. We managed to work efficiently as a group to get it finished in the short time period we had.

This opportunity is extremely important to DMUHS, as Sewa is the heart of our society and Hindu Dharma as a whole. We are adamant that our Sewa has a global impact, not just within our local community. This objective of ours truly encouraged us to make this trip a reality. As a society, we are incredibly blessed to have the education that has been provided to us and the means to make a difference in less developed countries, with less fortunate people. In a generation where young people are disconnected from their roots, it was a great life experience for us to give back to our community in India.

Together, we managed to raise £9000 for the school, which they will use for the following: hearing aids as the children cannot afford this necessity, salaries for the underpaid teachers and the development of a new building. It has been an unbelievably rewarding experience that we will cherish for a lifetime. Witnessing first-hand the appreciation that the children and teachers showed us really made the trip worthwhile.

We learnt a lot whilst staying in India and hopefully we can transfer our new mind-set and skills from this trip into creating a better and stronger Hindu Society for next year.

Members: Rishan Gudka, Hiral Patel, Radhika Shikotra, Jessica Sanghani, Ria Patel, Roshni Savani, Eshana Popat, Shree Patel, Shree Magdani, Sapna Depala, Chandni Patel, Aniruddh Ganatra, Kishan Patel, Dushal Limbani, Sharad Pala and Ranil Rupasinghe.

– Author: Hiral Patel