September Committees’ Day (SCD) brings 47 affiliated NHSF (UK) Chapters (Hindu Societies) across the UK together. This day is a brilliant opportunity to network with others, share ideas and work together as one huge NHSF (UK) family.

Earlier in the year, NHSF (UK) hosted June Committees’ Day (JCD), showing the drive and motivation of Chapters, which till this day is incredibly inspiring. SCD is here to help channel that commitment further to deliver practical outcomes and thus leading to a phenomenal and successful year ahead.

What makes SCD different from JCD? It’s simple. SCD is predominantly about developing and enhancing skills that can be used practically as life skills, as well as Chapter skills; whilst JCD is about learning more about Chapter committee members’ respective roles, NHSF (UK), and how to develop their Chapter. Our vision is to provide a platform for Chapters to enhance core skills.

SCD will be held on Saturday 10th September at NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNIVERSITY, CHAUCER BUILDING.

This year, SCD will allow Chapters to spend more time within their zonal groups to better their knowledge on what is happening locally (zonally) to them. These sessions – yes, sessions – will allow Chapters to better get to know the successes and improvements each zone may collectively face; with the chance to gain fresh ideas for the year ahead! Fancy being a contestant on Dragon’s Den? Then this is the session to be part of!

Workshop leaders will be hosted by experts in the field. The skills sessions on offer are not only instrumental in the smooth running of our Chapters, but also in the success of our future careers.

The leadership workshop not only explores how Chapters can utilise leadership skills within their work as a committee member, but it will also focus on how they can take this competency into the workplace and become a more employable individual.

The communication session will show that HOW you say something can be vastly more important than WHAT you say. This session will help committee members develop key communication skills that will not only benefit Chapters in their time as a Chapter committee member, but also have an impact in their everyday lives.

Organisational agility is a competency that covers complete functional and behavioural qualities that, when fully realised, can help lead to professional success. It focuses on the concept of project planning and looking at how other individuals or organisations work and trying to implement their successful strategies into our own lives and Chapters.

The day is set to start and end on a high! With an event that normally starts the year off with a bang, we’ll keep it a secret for now, but it’ll definitely be worth the wait!

Contact your Chapter Buddy/Zonal Coordinator for more information and seize those skills worth knowing!

–  Author: Devisha Karadia