On the 21st May 2016, the local Hindu Community in Swindon came together for the opening of the first Hindu Temple and Cultural Centre. Being the first venue of its kind, this has unquestionably marked history for Swindon. It will not only create further unity in the town, but it will create a better sense of community for all faiths.

The Hindu Community in Swindon has been established for the past sixty years, but there was no temple or community centre for them, albeit various other places of worship for other faiths. Over the past few years, the local community has come together and pledged money to secure a venue for a temple to be built. In May 2016 their dream became reality.

The purpose of the temple and community centre is to bring new opportunities for people of all ages. This base will allow the community to contribute to the town of Swindon. One of the aims of the temple and community centre is to tackle poverty in and around Swindon, providing the homeless with food and shelter.

As well as this, the local community aspire to influence the residents of Swindon by using the venue as a resource base that has an encouraging long-term effect influencing local society and the region. Some of the initiatives that have been brought in are: an Indian library and study area, interfaith activities with community integration, workshops on specialised topics and many more.

Other than internal perspectives, the community are looking externally and planning initiatives founded around several charitable activities that go towards facilitating underprivileged individuals. Some of the initiatives are: cookery classes, donation of toys, books and clothes, shopping companion service and a forum for medical and health related information.

The current venue for the temple and community centre was an old building that had been empty for the last couple of months before it was transformed into a temple for Hindu’s to practise their faith and integrate much more with the local society.

It is safe to say that history has been made!


– Author: Roshnie Madhani, Campus Team