The 25th Year Anniversary celebrations have continued for NHSF (UK) with our third official event of the year. Hosted by the Campus Team, September Committees’ Day (SCD) took place on Saturday 10th September 2016 at Nottingham Trent University.


Months of hard work, sweat and tears went into the planning of SCD, and the day was delivered with flawless precision. Chapters that attended the day left feeling stronger and better prepared for the upcoming year; to make this year the best year for them and for NHSF (UK).


The day commenced with registration and a networking session, where chapters took the opportunity to liaise with other chapters both within and outside of their zone. The entire day was focused on three key themes: Leadership, Communication and Organisation. At this stage it was crucial that the National Committee led from the front in displaying these skills and making sure that the day ran smoothly.


The Leadership workshop was run by NHSF (UK)’s Advisory Member Bhavinji. The brief for the workshop was: “What are the qualities of a leader? Public speaking? Good written communication? Decisive? Assertive? This workshop will help to cultivate the leadership skills deep within you…”


The Communication workshop was hosted by NHSF (UK) Alumni Suraj Bhanot. The brief written by the Campus Team for the workshop was: “Psychological studies show that HOW you say something can sometimes be almost three times more important than WHAT you say. From public speaking to public relations, from friends to interviewers; communication is a key competency that we use every day of our lives…”


The third and final workshop was Organisational Agility, hosted by the National Committee’s Events Team Coordinator, Kanika Sharma. The brief for the workshop was: “This competency is one in a set of complete functional and behavioural qualities that, when fully realised, can help lead to professional success. It focuses on the concept of project planning and looking at how other individuals or organisations work and trying to implement their successful strategies into our own lives and chapters…”


This year at SCD there were also two zonal breakout sessions, one before and one after lunch. The idea behind having two networking sessions was to strengthen the bond between Campus Team and the chapter committees. During the sessions run by North Zone, Central Zone, London Zone and South Zone, the chapters would have had time learning about the upcoming events in their zone and also gained time with their chapter buddy to receive advice, guidance and support from Campus Team.


This SCD also saw Freshers’ Fayre style stalls for our initiatives. Stalls included those from PR, Adopt a Mandir and the RAF. The aim of the freshers’ fayre stall idea was to make chapter committees aware of our work and opportunities available to them, but also to show them how it is possible to run a fresher’s stall for their society. We asked chapter committee members to sign up to stalls that interested them and which they would like to be part of.


All in all, the hard work that went in to planning SCD made the day a huge success and kept it on a good track to make this anniversary year the biggest and best year for NHSF (UK).



– Author: Jay Badiani