On Friday 25th November 2016, the yearly Anokhi (Diwali Ball) for Coventry University was held, and turned out to be an incredible success. As soon as I walked inside the venue, Mercia Banqueting Suite, I picked up my lychee mocktail and was in awe at how stunning the venue looked. With 20 beautifully arranged tables to seat 200 people, a mind-blowing DJ set by the one and only DJ Raj himself, and a professional color scheme throughout – it was more than just a venue. The amount of effort that had gone into the event was tremendous, all credit to months of planning, preparation and a dedicated committee prepared to take on the challenges faced in the process – and not to forget the amazing members that attended the event to make it possible.

Planning initially began as early as March 2016 to sort out the initial details for the event; such as the venue. As University began, we had our first few committee meetings where we assigned each member various roles in relation to Anokhi, and other events at the time. I was organising the CZ Navratri event, so I came into the later stages of Anokhi planning. On 17th October, we announced the event at the end of our aarti, and began selling tickets from that day onwards. All committee members were allocated 10 tickets to sell, with tickets being sold much faster than anticipated. I personally had 6 people reserve a ticket on the first day! We held our auditions for Anokhi for those who wanted to perform at the event on 9th November, where we had some incredibly talented people perform for us – all of whom ended up performing at the event!

The day itself was filled with excitement. I knew it would be a success after seeing the months of work by everyone in the committee; demonstrating that hard work and working as a team really does prevail. The event began with a talk from the president, Roshni Shashtri, followed by starters. Throughout the evening, there were various performances from incredible acts, as the main course and dessert were provided to the audience. The performances were followed by a dance from the NHSF Coventry committee.The finale of the performances was by Beats by Lions dhol group; which culminated in everyone spilling onto the dance floor!

— Author: Jash Mehta
Events Coordinator NHSF Coventry