After weeks of planning and organising, the day had come for NHSF Kent to host “Hanumanji on Tour” across the UK from chapter to chapter. Having never been faced with such an event before, the whole committee stepped up in an attempt to make this event as successful as possible.

Being such a small, but extremely diverse society, we had a total of 25 of our members, including 2 members of the National Committee taking part, making it feel like a close-knit community event. However, being so far out of London meant that we had a lack of access to food and mithai. But this did not stop us from providing some tasty ladvas and a variety of other mithais – all of which were enjoyed by our members after being offered as Prasad. We aimed to make this both a learning and social event, as it was the first week back after the Christmas break. It proved to be a good opportunity for new members to socialise with current members and committee over pizza and mithai –which was a great combination!

On the day of the event, committee members were joined by a few volunteers to make all the necessary arrangements, including setting-up a Mandir in the room and setting-up a lyrical video of the Hanuman Chalisa on the projector. Within half an hour, members began to file into the room and prepared to start the 11 Hanuman Chalisas. As only a handful of people in the room knew the Hanuman Chalisa, I must admit, it was a slow start but it was clear to see that everyone’s knowledge and enthusiasm grew throughout the evening. By the 11th Chalisa, there was a great sense of joy and togetherness as each word was sung, which for me, is the epitome of Hanumanji. Before starting each Chalisa we asked a different group of people to come up and place the Prasad in a thaali in the Mandir so that each person had the opportunity to give their offerings and a chance to be involved in the event.

Overall, the event was a great success and having hosted it on the first week back at University, it allowed us all to start the New Year and the new-term with Hanumanji in mind and being inspired by his incredible strength and ability, as well as his devotion to his role model Lord Rama. It is this strength that we should achieve when chanting the Hanuman Chalisa and we should strive to have this level of devotion for our role models too.

Nandini Bhudia, Treasurer