I signed up to prove something to myself, a test to show that I can do it! I don’t doubt that I can run a half marathon, which is in less than a year’s time, as I have plenty of time to train. If I had to run a half marathon now however, that’s another story! I think that I, and perhaps others, should be in the physical condition to run that long all the time because being fit and healthy leads to a happy life! I know I’ve got a long way to go!

Right now, I am in my 3rd week of training and I think it’s going well, although I’m far from an expert. Luckily I’m not doing this alone; I’ve got my mate with me. So every Monday we run for 1 hour and after that we play 6 a-side football for another hour. Hopefully, as we have now entered the New Year, we will increase our training sessions to 2 or 3 times a week and increase the distance.

Training with someone or a small group of friends makes the run easier, and I’m hoping we get more people interested in training with us, making it a regular session.

I’m getting to ready to run! Make sure you do too!

Register now at: https://nhsf.org.uk/theambitionrun2017/

— Author: Ajay Sohal (NHSF Swansea President)