It has always been the aim of NHSF (UK) to bear the flame of Hindu Dharma. So we here, at NHSF LSBU, were proud to host the first ever ‘Big Hindu Debate’ on behalf of our London Zone Parivar.

This was the first time NHSF LSBU went out of their comfort zone to deliver an event for people to remember. We collaborated with other NHSF (UK) chapters from Roehampton, Imperial, Anglia Ruskin and Kingston to discuss how we can use our own Hindu beliefs to deal with current issues.

One of Swami Vivekananda’s quotes was that “The world is the great gymnasium where we make ourselves strong.” As Hindus, we are challenged to express our beliefs not just spiritually but also practically in our careers and family life. By sharing our own views on Hinduism, we are strengthening our own Hindu knowledge as one, in other words as a parivar. Coming together meant we were able to learn from each other and develop our own understanding.

The idea began back in November; NHSF LSBU wanted to create a unique event to celebrate Hindu Awareness Week 2016. We immediately began by planning the discussion topics for the evening and then approached presidents, learning co-ordinators and some members of National Committee to take part in the event.

The big day, December 7th, soon arrived. Throughout the evening, we discussed whether Hindus can be atheist at the same time, does the caste system have any relevance today, is it right to pull the plug of a loved one who is on life support and how we do as young Hindus keep Hinduism alive. The atmosphere was truly electric with all participants truly sharing their honest thoughts and opinions on each topic.

Some were open to give their own experiences and debated how changes in society can affect our decisions. On behalf of NHSF LSBU, we would truly like to  thank all those who attended and participated in the debate. We would especially like to thank Jemini Katechia, Suraj Joshi, Dhanraj Pandey, Umeeka Raichura, Kishen Patel and Dipak Pindoria for introducing each of the topics that were discussed during the evening.

At times, we forget how much we already know about Hinduism. What all the participants showed at this event was that they are truly bearing the flame for Hindu Dharma.



— Author: Arun Bhaskara (NHSF LSBU President)