I believe the saying goes – as one door closes another one opens! The year for NHSF (UK) 2016 – 2017 came to a close on Saturday 18th March 2017 as we spent the day reviewing the year. When looking back I am filled with a great sense of pleasure to know the hard work and dedication all have put into the year of 2016 – 17. When we serve here on National Committee the work simply becomes our day to day activity. I am proud to see NHSF come so far and go on to celebrate 25 years of service.

We truly are a people organisation and this is clearly the case as we have much support from our well-wishers, sponsors and the general public who were all invited to HUM – NHSF (UK) Annual General Meeting 2017. AGM allows us to present the brilliant achievements that our chapters have accomplished. During the AGM each team on the National Committee has the chance to present their year on stage to show where their support has taken the organisation. Chapters had the ability to come on stage and speak about their year. Many mentioned the support National Committee has provided so they can become stronger for the future. When we see the statistics, facts and stories below it is clear to see how the organisation has had a dynamic change:

  • 48 Chapters across the UK, with NHSF Anglia Ruskin, Lincoln and Wolverhampton joining our family
  • Nearly 3000 students came together through Zonal Navratri events
  • London and South Zone held their 3rd annual Sports Competition
  • First-ever combined Zonal Sports Competition took place with North and Central Zone.
  • 500 students participated at our 13th annual National Sports Competition
  • 2 amazing editions of HUM focusing on four paths of yoga and the mind
  • Over 5000 likes on Facebook
  • 20% increase to twitter followers in the past year
  • 787 followers on Instagram
  • 25 chapters took part in another amazing Sewa Day
  • 675 downloads of the NHSF App
  • 65021 website hits
  • Launch of Adopt a Mandir project was successful as 25 Chapters built a connection with their local mandir
  • Successful launch of Chapter Development Fund and Chapter well-wishers meant we could support our chapters more financially
  • First ever full time Sabbatical Officer

With so many achievements above we cannot forget those who have served over this past year and must pay tribute to them. At AGM we were able to show our gratitude as we played a video thanking all for their time on National Committee. Those who are graduating from National Committee go on to serve in the samaj or join other committees where they can bring their knowledge of Dharma and organisational skills to strengthen the work in the wider society. The flame of Hindu Dharma is now passed on to the new National Committee of 2017 -2018. I am proud to announce the new leadership committee:

Yajur Shah our National President will be deeply missed as steps down after three fantastic years and Drishti Mae takes the reign to lead the organisation. Her vision is to “Be Hindu” and living dharmically will be the focus going forward. Ritesh Thakrar becomes the Vice President and Jaimal Patel continues as the Sabbatical Officer(vistaar) and newly appointed Events Coordinator. Remya Unnithan now graduates from National Committee and goes on to serving in the samaj. Rasik Kanji has done a brilliant job as our National Treasurer and now leaves Vichruti Kotecha in charge. She comes on with much eagerness and excitement.

Bhavesh Dharni and Radha Shama become our new National General Secretaries for the coming year. Nakul Rajani former National General Secretary will work more with his local mandir and community. His wealth of knowledge will surely have a great impact on the samaj. Punit Vara goes back to Campus team as the new London Zone Coordinator and builds a stronger bond with our chapters. Our Sewa and Learning team merge to become Sanskaars team to explore the vastness of our Dharma in ways we have never done before. Suraj Tailor brings his creative and energetic ideas to the team. Janki Amin brings a breath of fresh air as she leads the Legal team and Pravar Petkar joins PR team win a serious drive to increase our PR across the UK. Divyesh Chudasama continues as the Web and Design Coordinator as he focuses on producing eye-catching posters and Sumeet Sonigra stays on as the Income Generation Coordinator to build on relationships with our sponsors.

We move into our 25th year with a lot of drive and confidence. All the volunteers part of our family continues to work hard to serve but directly passes the baton to the new committee with a firm infrastructure to endeavour on. The new team is ready to work with chapters, lead new projects and the wider samaj. With this spirit, we truly won’t stop until we reach our goal. The fire is lit within us and we will bear the flame of Hindu dharma. We will continue to protect, preserve, practice and promote Hindu Dharma. The year begins, the time is now and the youth have awoken!

— Jaimal Patel Vice President & Sabbatical Officer