For the first time, NHSF (UK) organised two September Committees’ Days: the London and South Zone SCD was on Saturday 2nd at Brunel University, and the North and Central Zone SCD was on Saturday 16th at the University of Liverpool.

The theme for both days was the same: Let’s Connect! We aimed to encourage our Chapters to take advantage of this unique opportunity to network with each other. Networking is vital for improvement, and I feel we learn much more from each other than we realise. Hence, this was also a time to embrace the guru in each of us. A dedicated networking session in Liverpool allowed Chapters to showcase some of their events, which encouraged attendance and collaboration with others. They also shared their challenges and got suggestions on how to overcome them. Committees could then reflect on feedback, build on their new connections, and think about ways they could support and collaborate with each other throughout the year. It was great to see our members naturally keen to talk with one another on both days, as if it was a parivaar reunion!

NHSF (UK) is committed to developing its Chapters and its individual committee members, creating future leaders. Therefore, the days included practical skills sessions on leadership, communication, and even attitude, in which teams competed to construct bridges that could suspend the most water. This demonstrated the importance of collaboration and team work, especially to support the members of one’s society. Other sessions covered the common challenges faced by our Chapters: generating income, legal matters, promoting sanskaars through various initiatives, and ways to sustain one’s society for students to benefit in the future.

Thank you to everyone that attended, and to those involved in the set-up and delivery of each September Committees’ Day. I leave you with a quote from the feedback left by one of our members: “Going back home made me so proud of being part of such a loving and friendly family and being able to represent an amazing organisation. I’m even more motivated to achieve a great year for our Chapter and really look forward to collaborating with the other Chapters”.

— Shivam Joshi, Central Zone Coordinator