NHSF (UK) welcomes Universities’ Minister Sam Gyimah MP’s announcement to introduce
measures improving mental health support available for students.

The proposed new Mental Health Charter, which includes plans to coordinate with the NHS, drives the necessity for change – viewing mental health as a serious matter. Such changes aim to providea higher standard of care for each individual, vital for improving the current under-resourced services. This continues to become increasingly important, as the Office for National Statistics recently revealed that student suicide rates continue to climb.

NHSF (UK) also recognises the rising concerns regarding student mental health, introducing
initiatives focused upon practicing Yogāsana , Pranāyama and Dhyān as suggestions to aid existing support and offer a means of self-help.

If you need support, you can also engage in some Yog āsana or Dhy ā n for self-help. Or,
alternatively, access support and advice from helplines such as Mind UK and Student Minds. Allthe links can be found below.

You can download the pdf version here.

– Yogāsana – guidance can be found on our YouTube channel – NHSF UK:

– Dhyān – using the Sattva App:

– Mind UK:

– Student Minds: