Press Release

Gurū Pūrnimā 2018

27th July 2018 marked Gurū Pūrnimā, a special festival which honours the gurus, teachers and guides in all aspects of our lives. Originating from a tradition where knowledge was passed from teacher to student through one-to-one interaction and questioning, it is celebrated by thanking academics, teachers and spiritual mentors for the guidance they provide. On this day, students appreciate those who invest time in them and help them to realise their potential.

Letters were sent to the Vice-Chancellors of all forty-six NHSF (UK) Chapters to reaffirm our bonds with them and share the high regard in which we hold them. As the gurus for our students, they were thanked for their hard work in enabling the progress of our society. We hope to continue to work together with Vice-Chancellors across the country to provide students with support throughout their time at university, and all the necessary resources to assist them through university life.


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