This June, NHSF (UK) Chapter Committees’ from all across the country assembled at the University of Leicester for a JCD with a twist.  With the day themed around the popular Marvel’s Avengers, each part of the day was created with the aim of giving our students an experience to remember.  With plenty of opportunity for building new friendships as well as learning and refining skills ready for the year on committee ahead, everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the day. See what some of our committee members had to say:

With this being my second JCD, I was looking forward to meeting all sorts of new people and learning about my new role in the York chapter. The sessions I attended helped me to better understand the role of a Students’ Union and how to make best use of all the support systems set around us as committee members in our Universities.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone attending JCD in the future?

“I’d highly recommend turning up with a notebook and an open mind to make the most of the information given as it will be very useful in the year for not only yourself, but for the whole of your committee to be aware of and use.”

Avanish Mistry — NHSF York, President

The day started by having an Opening Ceremony to introduce us all by taking part in small Ice Breakers.  There was lots of banter amongst the messages which made us feel less nervous and more eager and excited for the day ahead! Throughout the day we had mini workshops on how to make our society better – this really helped as I was able to learn from the experiences and ideas of those who had already been on committees’ in the past.

Later, we had the opportunity to be in a session with others who were in the same role as us. This really allowed me to connect to other Presidents’ and we even began talking about a collaboration. Coming from a fairly new society, this was an amazing opportunity which really boosted my confidence and allowed me to think about how to make the ideas happen to create an impact on my campus by bringing people from across the University together.

The day ended with a Closing Ceremony which captured and reflected upon the day’s activities and workshops. The biggest takeaway for me was the beautiful ending, with kind and thoughtful words from the National President. 

 “What do we want more than anything?” 

Knowing we are a Parivaar and that we should strive for what we want as a one whole!

Overall, JCD was a great way to help me understand what it really is to be on a committee. I was able to gain a lot of insight from speaking to other committees’ and finding out what other universities have done, the challenges they may have faced and the way in which they bring people together. Something I learnt was that every chapter is different from each other, with their own ways and activities but collectively we all have the same goals.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to anyone who’s debating whether they should get involved in their NHSF Hindu Society?

“Never miss a chance to connect with other chapters/societies you will make new friends and connections. My advice would be to never miss a National or a Zonal Event. Even though often I have been the only one from my University, I have always been able to connect with others, it has expanded my Parivaar (family). This way I am able to open my eyes to my own capabilities – don’t ever be afraid of what you want to do as a society, or as a member. Always look out for the best!”

Krupa Patel — NHSF Bedfordshire Hindu Society, President

Prior to attending JCD, I didn’t know what to expect. Especially with so many chapter’s coming from across the country, would we see the day tailored to the needs of our society, especially being one of the newest chapters attending?

All of these thoughts were squashed. As soon as we had walked through the door, we were greeted with open arms and friendly smiles. It was straight away, interacting with NatCom, our neighbouring chapters and others from across the country. Constructive conversations and networking right from the very moment.

The theme in every little aspect of the day really engaged every single attending member and gave the parivaar feeling NHSF does so well. From the assembly, to the chapter sessions to the workshops, there was never a dull moment in the day. Boundaries were broken through the ice breakers and discussions and lead to some really meaningful connections being made, all of these experiences really enhanced everyone’s ability to network.

In all, JCD has really set the mood for the year ahead and we are all very excited for what is to come!

Neelkiran Joshi — NHSF Cardiff Hindu Society, President