NHSF (UK) collaborates with Samskrita Bharati for a weekend of learning the ancient language

The weekend of the 31st of August saw a first time collaboration between NHSF (UK) and Samskrita Bharati in the form of Samskrit Yuva Shibir – a weekend dedicated to learning the ancient language in which so much of our rich philosophy has been recorded. 

The weekend consisted of a variety of creative methods and games to both break the ice between all those in presence and jump on the journey together. All in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the event! 

See what some of our attendees had to say below:

A two-day retreat in a venue near to the beautiful Malvern hills in Worcester. My favourite thing about the shibhir was the atmosphere, which allowed for learning in a relaxed and fun environment. The unique teaching style served to help attendees grasp the basics of conversing in Samskrit quickly. Plenty of time was given for fun activities during the day, including a khel session and a talent show at the end of the first day. A highlight of the shibhir for me was the morning prayer and yoga. I found that they both set a relaxing tone for the day ahead. At the end of the shibhir all the attendees were asked to formulate a sentence in Samskrit and demonstrate it to the group. Whilst thinking about what I could say, it struck me how much I had learnt in such a short space of time. Whilst inspiring me to delve more into the study of Samskrit, SYS also gave me the opportunity to meet and get to know other students around the UK. I will definitely be attending again in the future! 

Pranay Maisuria 1st Year Biomedical Sciences at Manchester Metropolitan University

The Sanskrit Yuva Shibir was a great opportunity for me to gain a basic understanding of Sanskrit and make some amazing friendships. Not only was the language taught in way which was easy to grasp, it was also fun. The weekend was packed with bursts of knowledge, great conversations and even better food! Who would have thought a bunch of 20 something’s could have banter in Sanskrit?!

Abhilasha Kakkar, 26, Assistant Psychologist. Graduate from Coventry University & Queen Mary’s University of London