In the Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavan Krishna explains to Arjuna that change is the law of nature. Even though our emotions, perceptions, and surroundings are inconsistent, it is of human nature that we stay adamant about our lifestyle.

However, Bhagavan Krishna further unravels that the success of humankind partially lies within our ability to adapt to change and take risks in life.


My name is Prisha Sharma, a second-year Neuroscience student from Hong Kong, and currently the President of Manchester Hindu Society (MHS), my local NHSF (UK) chapter.

Like every international student ever, there are always mixed feelings involved while moving 9,617 km away. However, one of the factors that kept me going from this metamorphosis was to join MHS which will make me “feel at home”. Although COVID disrupted the in-person events, I still grasped the opportunity to experience MHS and made good friends who are now on the same committee as me. Eventually, towards the end of the academic year, I became the President of MHS but it didn’t feel like it until July Committees’ Day took place.

July Committees’ Day was a very important event for me because not only am I the President, but I was also a “newcomer” to the wider NHSF (UK) movement since I couldn’t attain the proper MHS experience. From a logistical perspective, JCD clarified my doubts with regards to handling budgets for big events and the helpful advice from the zone-specific  National Finance Team member allowed my committee to take interest in the ‘behind-the-scenes’ work that takes place! The day also drove me to lead my team in a better way through the leadership sessions with Presidents and Vice-Presidents from various other chapters. Moreover, the chapter breakout session made me understand my committee and the committee’s priorities even better.

From a “newcomer’s” perspective, JCD enhanced my understanding of what exactly NHSF (UK) is and how vast our Hindu student Parivaar is.

The welcome speech by Bhavya Shah and the North Zone National Committee members made me appreciate the extended support system there is for Hindu students in the UK, other than the chapter/ society itself. As a newcomer to the UK and the Hindu community in Manchester, Bhavya’s broach on dealing with anti-Hindu has also made me recognise the bigger picture of Hindus in the UK, and how we as students are not just here to enjoy and make friends (although that is key!), but to nurture ourselves in becoming future leaders of our community.

All in all, my experience in MHS and JCD during my first year of university has enriched my knowledge of Hindu Dharma and has taught me the nitty-gritty bits of running a society. Fresher’s is nearing and our committee is working very hard in preparing for Fresher’s Week. To motivate our Hindu students in Manchester, we hope to maintain a sense of diversity with our events, Sewa opportunities, Sanskaar-related discussions, and sports events. We also hope to encourage our freshers to engage with the wider NHSF (UK) Parivaar, the zonal and national events, and cannot wait to see how we will all shine over the coming year!