I found Presidents’ Day a very useful and informative day. Although I attended Presidents’ Day last year, I felt there were things I learnt from this too. Something that we focused on this year was the ability to sell your society to potential sponsors and external organisations, we received excellent feedback on how we should approach this. Presidents’ Day also gives us as presidents the opportunity to network with each other, which is extremely important especially being a president from the London Zone, as it will allow us to collaborate better with other universities and organise events that can widen the Hindu student community throughout London and nationally.

Overall, I found Presidents’ Day super useful and is something that I would encourage NHSF to run every year, as it truly does help kick-start the year by obtaining key advice to be the future Hindu leaders in our community.

-Devesh Kerai, President of City University Hindu Society

Firstly the location it was held in was spiritual and beautiful, being so close to Bhagwan and having these small sessions on how to become a better Hindu leader could not be any better. The zonal breakouts were a good addition, as we could meet people in our zones and try and get some events sorted, but the best part was the heavenly lunch that made my day. 

The lessons learnt at Presidents’ Day will not be forgotten, especially the public speaking, where it was more practical using conflict resolution, not to mention Aloo Tikki with Aditi was a really good insight to what past presidents have gone through, the problems they faced and the best moments they had.

-Taksh Shah, President of Brunel University Hindu Society

I found Presidents’ Day to be really insightful! Not only did it allow us to learn how to be better leaders, but also enabled us to connect with one another and meet other students from Hindu societies across the UK. 

Presidents’ Day provided me with the correct preparation to go into my next academic year as Vice President of City University Hindu Society, knowing that I will be able to lead my committee, as well as work cohesively within a team. 

Thank you NHSF for arranging this day and taking the time to train us!

-Shani Patel, Vice President of City University Hindu Society

Presidents’ Day was an inspiring and impactful day that I’m thankful to have been part of. It provided a welcoming platform to network with other students whilst developing valuable leadership skills. I especially appreciated the insights into pressing issues such as Hinduphobia and how we can have a direct impact regarding this. It was a real privilege to attend this empowering event!Presidents Day 2023

-Varsha Golla, Co-President of Warwick University Hindu Society

I found President’s Day to be an extremely insightful, informative and collaborative experience. My key takeaways were the following core skills which I will implement in the upcoming year, these include; how to liaise with each department within the society, I also took away skills from the workshops such as public speaking and conflict management. I found it informative as I discovered more about leadership programmes such as Varchasva and how to deal with issues that may concern our Society such as Hinduphobia.

Presidents Day 2023 - Bhavani and Devi

Finally, I developed my collaborative skills as it allowed me to network with various Presidents and Vice Presidents to secure collaborations between our societies and gain a deeper insight into how their societies operate. From this we were able to exchange ideas which will allow our Hindu Societies to flourish in the upcoming year. 

-Devi Jethwa, Co-President of Warwick University Hindu Society