On September 2nd, 2023, the National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK) hosted the Committees’ Experience Day (CED). The purpose of CED was to kickstart the academic year for students in their respective Hindu societies by equipping committee members with essential skills and knowledge. The day began with an opening ceremony featuring the recitation of the Ganpati Aarti and the Saraswati Mantra.

CED 2023 - Aarti

Throughout the course of the day, a series of five sessions were conducted; a zonal breakout, a mock freshers fair, a khel session, a role breakout and a diversity session. These sessions were thoughtfully designed to help students refine their roles, develop conflict-resolution strategies. In addition to this, we wanted them to become acquainted with the resources NHSF (UK) provides to effectively mitigate any challenges they might encounter in their newly formed committees.

CED 2023 - Khel

CED provided an excellent opportunity for committee members to get to know the NHSF (UK) parivaar and explore avenues for personal growth through external sewa organisations like Hindu Climate Action (HCA) and engaging personalities such as KCL’s Hindu Chaplain, Dr. Sachi Patel.

The day was dedicated to fostering collaboration, communication, and coordination amongst Hindu societies across all zones, with a central focus on the theme of ‘Global Hindu Leaders’. It proved to be a resounding success, as we received positive feedback from committee members who found the day to be incredibly valuable for planning the year’s agenda within their Hindu society.

CED 2023 - Rakhi

– Indu Saini, National Events Team Member

To further build on the experience our society members had at CED, one of our attendees Arjun, has written about his experience below.

Attending Committees’ Experience Day (CED) 2023 proved to be an enlightening experience. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this event was the opportunity to connect with fellow students from various Hindu societies across the UK. The day’s activities helped us create meaningful connections with other societies who are willing to help our society grow. It was particularly meaningful for me, as a Hindu from a background outside of India, to meet individuals from smaller cultural backgrounds, including Hindus from regions beyond Asia who often go unnoticed in larger narratives. This experience was great, because I rarely encounter students from a background like mine at events like these.

CED 2023 - Session

From CED, I learnt essential tips to improve our society at the upcoming Freshers’ Fair, such as promoting our future events at the fair to assist prospective members in making informed decisions about joining our society and participating in the exciting events we have to offer.

In conclusion, CED was a remarkable experience that not only helped us create connections, but also provided valuable insights that will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and success of our Hindu societies for this upcoming year.

– Arjun Ramdhan, President of University of Westminster Hindu Society.