We are thrilled to share our recent experience representing NHSF (UK) at the PwC Hindu Network Diwali Celebrations hosted at the PwC More London Office. The event was a spectacular showcase of cultural diversity and unity, bringing together professionals from various backgrounds to celebrate Diwali.


It was an honour to be a part of this vibrant and inclusive gathering, where the spirit of Diwali was truly illuminated through traditional performances, delicious cuisine, and engaging conversations. The PwC Hindu Network’s commitment to fostering cultural understanding resonates strongly with NHSF (UK)’s mission, and the event provided a valuable platform for networking and collaboration.¬†


The founder of the PwC Hindu Network is an alumnus of the NHSF (UK) team and parivaar which displays the skilled, passionate and proactive students that NHSF (UK) develops to then represent Hindus in all spheres of society. To this day, this is a link we hold dear to us.


We are grateful for the opportunity to have attended this celebration, further strengthening the ties between NHSF (UK) and PwC and look forward to continued partnerships that promote cultural diversity and unity within our communities.