Run by the youth, for the youth…. India’s International Movement to Unite Nations is a project that has been creating future Indian leaders for 13 years whilst showing no signs of stopping. India’s 75th Republic Day saw the organisation come to the UK for its first Indo-UK summit. Alongside over 100 delegates from Bharat, NHSF (UK) had the pleasure of being invited to the Inauguration of the Youth Summit at the British Parliament as well as the closing of the summit at the Indian High Commission. Lord Jitesh Ghadia, actor Boman Irani, and I.I.M.U.N. Founder Rishabh Shah were amongst the speakers that were present in parliament, in the very same room where it was decided that the UK would have its first British Hindu Prime Minister.  


The speakers discussed the history of the British parliament, current global forces, and how the youth should push beyond their limits to shape the world we live in. The opening ceremony saw the UK and Indian national anthem being played through the hallowed halls of the House of Lords. The occasion showed a delegation keen to bring change to the world we are living in through passion and motivation. 


Over the two-day event, DHYAN schools, one of our newly affiliated schools, represented the UK delegation at the summit, working with the Indian delegation to discuss current affairs such as healthcare, AI, education, and more. Delegates presented their proposals to significant MPs and dignitaries. A key takeaway from the summit was that a strong relationship between India and the UK is vital for the advancement of the two countries. The event closed with an insightful Q&A session with Manvinder Ji Singh Banga, speaking of his experience within business and academia. Final remarks were given by the Indian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Vikram Ji Doraiswami, who shared his journey through Bharat to the UK and left us inspired to be the change. A quote to end that Lord Ghadia shared for the delegation: “The future interests me, I’m going to spend the rest of my time there”- Mark Twain


-Nikita Trivedi, National Vistaarika