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Arise Arjuna | 2011

Saturday November 19th, 2011

AA13Awake, Arise and Act for Hindu Dharma!

‘Arise Arjuna’ celebrates NHSF (UK)’s 20th anniversary, in 2011 at JFS School, London, and provided us with an opportunity to unite and involve Hindus across the country. The aim of Arise Arjuna was to increase the awareness of and embrace Hindu Dharma internally to chapter members and externally to the wider Hindu community. This was done by putting together a phenomenal exhibition split into four zones, which explored various aspects of Hindu Dharma: 1. Preserve Zone: Guests learnt all about Karma, the history of Hindus and the inspiring people that influenced the public. As well as this, attendees were fortunate enough to watch three amazing plays on Krishna Bhagwan & Ahuna, Ram Mohan Roy and Anna Hazare 2. Protect Zone: Guests explored the amazing things that Hindus have done to protect Dharma via an original NHSF (UK) video production that was created. 3. Practice Zone: Attendees were given an insight on why Hindus do certain things – whether it was spiritual, for our samaj or scientific. 4. Promote Zone: For those who were interested in politics and current affairs, the promote zone gave guest the chance to contribute in NHSF (UK)’s first ever Hindu Summit and suggest ways on how to solve issues Hindus face in the world today. The day ended with a spectacular Garba night where students and the community celebrated the conclusion of the 20th anniversary event!