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Dynamic Spirit

Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th November, 2007

Dynamic Spirit LogoWho inspires you? What are your powers? What motivates you? What gives you strength? In 2007, at Imperial College London, NHSF (UK) celebrated its 15th year by challenging the perception of what it means to be a young Hindu in today’s society – better known as ‘Dynamic Spirit’.

If we asked people off the streets who they consider as inspirational figures, many would not include themselves. This is because a vast amount of human beings sell themselves short. Over the course of a weekend, attendees had an opportunity to delve into these questions and explore what it means to be an inspirational and motivational figure in today’s world. This was done through various invigorating activities that fed the imagination, which were led by truly inspirational figures such as the Keynote Speaker, Jeffrey Armstrong (Kavindra Rishi), the Founder and Director of Vedic Academy of Science and Arts (VASA). Dynamic Spirit opened attendees’ eyes by showing that each and every one of us had the aptitude to be inspirational – all we have to do is unleash our inner potential!

Dynamic Spirit showed that we all have an inherent potential to use our passions and instigate change in the world. Sanatan Dharma can show us how to access that potential and passion within us, unlocking it from the cage which it resides and utilising it to make some kind of change whether it is big or small or at a personal, societal or global level.