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Well Wisher

In 1991, a handful of students in London each arrived at a realisation that would bring them together to change the student landscape. They realised that universities across the country did not provide a sense of community for Hindu students on their campuses; there was no single body championing the voice of Hindu students and most importantly, there was nothing to root our students within the principles and values of Dharma. It was with these thoughts that the National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK) (“NHSF (UK)”) was born – from humble beginnings and with the mission to protect, preserve, practice and promote Hindu Dharma.

Decades on, NHSF (UK) is a thriving and growing organisation, and very much a part of student life across almost half the UK universities. Tens of thousands have held the flame of Hindu Dharma high, nurtured their own societies and built upon the work of those first few students.

Today, NHSF (UK) connects and engages with over 15,000 students per year on campus. Our national and zonal events bring together our members regularly throughout the year, whilst our various welfare officers support our chapter committees to achieve our vision: to create a peaceful and harmonious world based on Dharmic values.

We owe all our growth to the time, effort and financial support our Well Wishers and alumni have given us over the years. If you’d like to help us to continue to grow, become an NHSF (UK) Well Wisher. You can also support a specific area of our organisation choosing from any of the options below:

  • Protect: all projects that fall under Campus and National Hindu Welfare Support.
  • Preserve: all projects that fall under Legal, Admin and Finance.
  • Practise: all projects that fall under Learning and Sewa.
  • Promote: all projects that fall under Events, Web and Design and PR.
  • General: supporting NHSF (UK)’s activities as a whole.
  • No ARMY can march on an empty stomach: food, food and more food at our national and zonal events.
  • Support a chapter: select one of our chapters across the country to support directly.

With your regular support, we can continue to proudly serve Dharma across many more campuses and allow our work to touch the lives of tens of thousands of students every year. Your money will continue to water the seeds those students back in 1991 planted. Support us, in supporting thousands of others. Together we are stronger.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up in several ways; by using our secure online system, setting up a standing order directly with your bank or by completing a paper form. For more information on signing up or if you have any questions, please contact us on

Click HERE to sign up online.

[Please note – Well Wisher funds pledged via our secure online system are subject to a small charge of 2 – 3% which is not passed on to the Well Wisher, however this amount is deducted from the amount pledged to the specified NHSF (UK) project or chapter].