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NHSF Alumni

Disha Patel

11th July 2016 |

“I have been part of the NHSF Kingston Chapter for three years. In my first year of university I knew that I wanted to join the Hindu Society as a priority! For my first year I spent time as a society member … Read More

Bhavin Davdra

11th July 2016 |

“Quite simply, NHSF (UK) has influenced my life as much as, if not more than, my own parents. I’ll never be able to express what that means to me fully, but here’s a glimpse… After being introduced to NHSF (UK) even … Read More

Suraj Bhanot

11th July 2016 |

“Moving to London when I was 18 for university was a daunting experience, especially coming from a small town in the Midlands. I remember on my second day at Queen Mary’s, I went down to the student union and while I was … Read More

Kiran Patel

11th July 2016 |

“I was introduced to NHSF (UK) before joining University. My sister was on her local NHSF Chapter committee at the time and would soon join the National Committee. She told me to join the ‘Hindu Society’ at my University. With no NHSF … Read More

Rupal Maru

11th July 2016 |

“I am currently a primary teacher and Co­director of an Indian Arts Company called RuShee. I first got introduced to NHSF (UK) at the Freshers’ Fair at University. (Initially, I just went for the free food!). I was part of the Liverpool … Read More

Avnish Thakrar

11th July 2016 |

“I first got involved with NHSF (UK) in 2007 when I joined University of Birmingham and later joined the National Committee and spent 4 enjoyable years in the sixth form team, schools team and as Vice President. NHSF (UK) gave me a … Read More

Prinal Nathwani

11th July 2016 |

“My first exposure to NHSF (UK) was as a fresher in Manchester University all the way back in 2007, and the NHSF (UK) stall was the first one I approached in a crowded and overwhelming fresher’s fair.

I maintained my involvement with … Read More

Vishal Patel

11th July 2016 |

“A stroll through freshers fair only to find myself discussing football and sporting activities within the NHSF (UK) Aston Committee. I was surprised to see what a dynamic platform NHSF (UK) was offering ­ a sense of comfort through interest … Read More

Darshit Raichura

11th July 2016 |

“I was first introduced to NHSF (UK) when I joined my local chapter, NHSF Warwick. Being an international student, NHSF (UK) made me feel welcomed, allowing me to settle comfortably. Becoming the President at my chapter, I was able to see the … Read More