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December 20, 2005 |

Antyesthi is the last rite for sanctifying the body in the material world. Antyesthi is performed to ensure that the departed soul does not remain roaming on this earth as a ghost (bhoot/preta) and to guide the soul to the best suited destination.

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Mahabharata: Abhimanyu and the Chakra-Vyuha

December 20, 2005 |
The following story is about Abhimanyu, the courageous son of the great Arjuna. Arjuna was married to Krishna’s sister, Subhadra, and this story begins just before Abhimanyu was born.¬†When Abhimanyu was in his mother’s womb, Sri Krishna used to take Subhadra on excursions. To humour her, Krishna used to relate many of his adventures to the pregnant Subhadra. On one such excursion Krishna was narrating his experience with the technique of Chakra-vyuha and how step-by-step the various circles could be penetrated. Chakra-vyuha was a military formation which was an effective form of defence. The army would be arranged in the form of a circular grid and would then challenge the enemy to break that grid. Nonetheless, it seems that Subhadra did not find this topic interesting and she soon fell asleep. However, someone else was interested in Sri Krishna’s narration – the yet to be born Abhimanyu.

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Annual Conference 2005: Relationships – Do They Add Up?

November 28, 2005 |

Annual Conference 2005 Relationships 1

Date: Saturday 26 November 2005

Relationships. They add up.

De Montfort University, Leicester

10:00 am – 6:00 pm


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20 October 2005 – Diwali Message from Tony Blair

October 20, 2005 |

10 Downing Street London SW1A 2AA



I am pleased to send my best wishes to the Hindu, Sikh and Jain communities in Britain who are celebrating the festival of Diwali.

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“Should all Hindus be vegetarians, or is this an individual choice, free from religious beliefs.”

December 20, 2004 |

Bhavesh Mistry

Nowhere in the thought or action of our Hindu Dharma, or way of life, do we ever say, “you MUST do this!”, or, “you MUST not do that!”. This is in all aspects of our lives, like in the society, in the home and even in the kitchen. Food is of great importance to all beings. It is essential for life. For plants, animals and for humans. Therefore it is importance that we understand and appreciate what our ancestors, texts and traditions felt about food, and why these ideas seem to be timeless.

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