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A discussion on Racism!

August 16, 2017 |

As part of our learning events at NHSF Warwick Hindu Society, we hold weekly aartis and discussions on Monday evenings. In early March we had a variety of different students and Jaimal Patel, Vice President & Sabbatical Officer of NHSF, … Read More

Mental Health, Suicide and Hinduism

August 16, 2017 |

I’ve never been particularly open about my own feelings, it’s a well-known fact that males between the age of 18 and 45 struggle to open up. It’s taken the death of a course-mate and the admission of depression from one … Read More

Hanumanji on Tour begins with NHSF Hertfordshire

August 11, 2017 |

Hanumanji on Tour is a Bhakti event where every Hindu Society in London Zone and South Zone sing the Hanuman Chalisa 11 times. In London, a murti makes its way around the Hindu societies and arrives at the finale event … Read More

Hey Anjani Mata!

August 11, 2017 |

There are many mothers or matas as we say in Hinduism. Sita Mata, Lakshmi Mata, Saraswati Mata, to name but a few -but what about Anjani? Who is she and what do we know about her? Anjani is the mother … Read More

Who is Srila Prabhupada?

January 29, 2017 |

I have been going to Bhaktivedanta Manor in London for years, but never learnt about Srila Prabhupada. As a result, I made the decision to expand my knowledge by reading up on his life and speaking to others about him. … Read More

Dance and Hinduism – Two faces of the same coin?

December 14, 2016 |

“What does it mean to be a 21st century Hindu?” This was the theme of Hindu Awareness Week, and that really got me thinking. As most of us born in the 90s or later, culture largely replaced technology; cool gadgets … Read More

Durga Puja

October 4, 2016 |

Durga Dhak & Dhunachi Nritya


I’m led by my cousin onto the temple forecourt. He reassures me that we’ve secured a good vantage point, and says in Sylheti: “you’re in for a treat”. A crowd gathers beside and behind … Read More


September 8, 2016 |

Paryushan, the festival of forgiveness, is an eight-day celebration observed by Jains around the world. The word Paryushan is formed of two parts; ‘Pary’ which means ‘to come together from all directions and ‘ushan’ which means ‘to stay near the … Read More

What can we learn from Ravana?

May 30, 2016 |

We have all heard of the epic tale known as the “Ramayana”. Some of us may not know it in great detail, but have definitely been taught the story of Shri Rama and Sita mata – whether it was at … Read More

International Women’s Day 2016

March 8, 2016 |

Tuesday 8th March 2016 will be celebrated as International Women’s Day. Worldwide, the contributions of women will be celebrated and pledges will be made to bring about new changes. It will stand as a reminder, a solitary day in our … Read More