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Dharma Fest | 2013

Saturday December 7th, 2013


In 2013, NHSF (UK) brought an exciting new event – a night where Hindu Dharma was brought to life by students from across the UK in a unique display of faith, drama and vibrancy – better known as ‘Dharma Fest’. NHSF (UK) offered 12 show stopper acts to a national stage, at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kensington, which gave the opportunity for our chapters to show off their talent.

Dharma Fest was NHSF (UK)’s first ever university based talent competition, which demonstrated Hindu students in the 21st Century Great Britain conveying and demonstrating their Hindu faith through the performing arts. Performing arts included, but not limited to, Dance (Kathak, Bharatnatyam), Song (Bhajan, Dhun), Skit (Play, Drama), Poetry and other contemporary art forms.

The concept and notion of culture explored through the medium of Arts has been prevalent since ancient times. It is this very exciting concept that NHSF (UK) wanted to encapsulate into an experience filled with Bhakti, Culture, Tradition and Heritage.