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Help the Homeless

1st December - 20th December 2015

Help The Homeless campaign is a National Hindu Students’ Forum (NHSF) driven project. The project will take place in the first week of December 2014 across the country.

In the UK, there are roughly 2000 people who are sleeping rough during any one night. Winter is the toughest time for these individuals because of the harsh weather conditions outside.Most of them do not have the luxury of wearing warm clothes or having blankets to keep them warm on a cold winters night.

The Majority of us reading this will have working radiators in our homes, warm clothing and blankets to keep us warm from the cold weather; however they do not have this luxury. This campaign is not to raise money, but a Sewa initiative to share love, time and warmth during the harsh winter months.

The aim of Help the Homeless is for chapters are to collect old clothes, hats, scarves, gloves, warm hoodies or jackets and blankets. Once the collection is made, chapters will either go directly to homeless shelters to donate the clothes or they will go around town and hand out the clothing that they have collected to the individuals that are sleeping rough.


“People were created to be loved and things were created to be used. The reason there is chaos in the world is that things are loved and people are being used.”


So let us get together and donate any clothes and blankets to the homeless and share the warmth.