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All about Hum

What is Hum?hum

Hum is a magazine produced by NHSF (UK) Learning Team. We publish it twice a year and it’s the only Hindu magazine of its kind: written by the students, for the students.

Hum is a collective word that means “us” because we’re all one big spread out family. Regardless of which university you’re at, what you’re studying or what you believe in, Hum is a place you’ll find unity behind the pages. Between the words and pictures is a sense of belonging you’ll all be able to relate to.

We produce a Fresher’s edition in September that reaches out to all those young minds entering the university arena, and also a Spring edition later on in the year. It’s available both in print and online copies.


Why should I read it?

If you’re at university, you’ll know two things: it’s a learning experience and it’s a collective experience. You’ll always remember your university days not because of the workload and deadlines, but because of the people you met, the things you shared, the lessons you learnt.

So that’s why we write Hum. It’s an opportunity to put your mind onto paper for the world to read. And for those reading, it’s an opportunity to see the world from another person’s eyes. At the heart of everything we do is Dharma, the Universal Law that runs not only the world, but our world, inside. So Hum is a journey we take with each other to discover more about our Dharma and our faith. How can my scriptures make me wiser? How can I take inspiration from what other Hindus are doing? How can my Dharma make me intelligent, respected, successful? We can only learn from each other.

But if that’s not enough, there’s more. If you’re not a wordy person and want to learn about the Ramayana quickly there are quizzes. If it’s a student friendly, home-made Indian recipe you’re after then we’ve got those too. Or maybe it’s just a little inspiration you need to help you through those assignments? We leave little pearl like quotes for you to dwell on with the turn of each page. We really try to make Hum everything you want it to be.


…So how can I get involved?

There’s three ways. Firstly…read it! We’ll be sending out copies to your Learning Coordinator and Presidents so make sure you grab one. If not, then our website has an archive of our publications, old and new.

Secondly, write for us. Every person has a perspective on Dharma, an experience to share or an opinion on age-old Hindu debates. Get in touch with us and we’ll see through your work onto paper.

For more information, don’t think twice about contacting us on Learning team! Madhav Davé(Learning Team Coordinator) Chandrika Chopra (Hum editor, Learning Team)

Finally you can help design for it. If you are a keen photographer or illustrator get in touch with us at