National Committee 2022/23 Application form

National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK) has continued to grow over the last 30 years. NHSF (UK) has developed a large network of students across the country at almost 50 universities. This displays the commitment that a growing number of students have towards Hindu Dharma and the wider samāj (community).

We encourage you to join our National Committee and utilise your skills and expertise for the development of the student community and the wider samāj. This is also your opportunity to develop yourself through a range of teams. We are looking for National Committee members to join a strong team of like-minded individuals.

This is a very exciting time to be a part of NHSF (UK); we are celebrating a huge milestone in our history; 30 years of service. With a cascade of events planned to celebrate this milestone, there really is no better time to join our National Committee.

Team Profiles:

NHSF (UK) National Committee is composed of various teams, all working together harmoniously to achieve amazing things! Have a read below to find out more about each team in more detail!

Campus Team

Campus Team is the life-force of NHSF (UK) connecting students across all four zones together as one parivaar. Each Hindu Society internally is referred to as a chapter. Campus Team feels the pulse of what connects our students to Hindu dharma directly by offering guidance, and helping to provide innovative and creative solutions to problems experienced by our Chapters. 

Key activities:

    • Building strong relationships with our Chapters, as well as guiding, assisting and supporting their committees to drive change
    • Encouraging cross-Chapter collaboration and communication within their respective zone, and other societies and their students unions 
    • Shaping NHSF (UK)’s zonal and national events and initiatives, including Navratri, Sports Competitions and Sewa Week
    • Building links with new Hindu societies to facilitate the growth of NHSF (UK)

Events Team

Events Team drive forward both the zonal events and national events that take place throughout the year. From booking venues, organising catering and running point on the day, Events Team make sure all the finer details are correct. This is why they are referred to as the arms and legs of NHSF (UK). 

Key activities:

    • Manage and keep control of our resources through the inventory
    • Create and lead on the logistics of all zonal and national events
    • Build relationships and maintain contact with different suppliers and vendors
    • Lead project teams for all national events, and provide project planning .logistical support and structure nationally.
    • Supporting Chapters with planning and logistics for events

Finance Team

Finance Team are in a position of trust where they ensure our chapters get the maximum support in budgeting and managing their finances and overcoming any issues. The team also corroborate NHSF (UK) funds are being utilised in the most effective manner to benefit our organisation as well as ensure financial sustainability. Finance team work very closely together  with Sampark and Campus team to maintain relationships with well wishers that allow the organisation to be supported through sustainable finance sources, and through other means.

Key activities:

  • Supporting Chapters through building effective relationships with Treasurers and Presidents
  • Creating guidance and assisting our Chapter Committees in finding sponsorships and other income generation sources
  • Planning, setting and monitoring budgets for all national and zonal events
  • Advising project leads of potential purchasing sources for all team expenditures, events, initiatives and projects

Sanskaar Team

Sanskaar Team is the lungs of NHSF (UK), refining all of the activities that NHSF (UK) does. Sanskaar Team is responsible for infusing our universal values and sanskaars throughout our National Committee and Chapters, whilst enriching the student experience. A key part of this includes cultivating linguistic hygiene within National Committee and also for our students in all that we do. 

Key activities:

    • Building strong relationships with Sanskaar Coordinators, providing guidance and support to committees more widely
    • Creating a wide variety of resources for our Chapter Resource Centre, including videos, presentations, and guides –  such as our Sanskrit Word of the Month series on Youtube!
    • Developing and shaping national initiatives that impact the wider community, including National Donation Month and Sewa Week
    • Sourcing and liaising with guest speakers to visit our chapters and inspire our students
    • Supporting other National Committee teams to develop experiences at both zonal and national events.

Sampark Team

Sampark Team (previously referred to as PR team), is at the forefront of sustaining and building upon existing, as well as creating new, meaningful relationships for NHSF (UK). The team take responsibility for how NHSF (UK) communicates and represents the work we do as an organisation through representing externally at events, utilising social media and our website. Central to this communication is the conveying of key issues affecting students and the wider Hindu community putting our national vision and mission into action by sharing our work widely. Sampark team also engages the leaders of our communities and society, spreading our dharma to the rest of the world. 

Key activities:

  • Maintain, build and create relationships,  with various media, publication houses, key dignitaries, various student bodies and organisations 
  • Manage and enhance relationships with our well-wishers, sponsors and alumni regularly sharing the work across all layers of NHSF (UK). 
  • Designing, marketing and promoting the work of NHSF (UK), including National and Zonal events whilst maintaining the national brand.
  • Share the breadth of work of NHSF (UK) from chapters to national and international engagements via external communications, national websites, newsletters and social media.
  • Building relationships with various student bodies, including university students’ unions.
  • Be a specific point of support for NHSF chapter PR/Marketing/Sampark representatives, assisting to inspire, develop ideas and troubleshoot, as necessary.