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London Zone


London Zone has grown astonishingly over the last year to over 15 chapters across London. London Zone is the biggest Zone in NHSF (UK) with most collaborative events than any other zone. London Zone is paving the way for the future young Hindu students by building strong relationships with one another in order for chapters to grow together showing unity and conformity, building a Parivaar (Family) feeling. Our chapters collaborate for a number of different events, from Divia a charity Diwali Ball hosted by NHSF Hertfordshire, LSE, SGUL, SOAS and Roehampton who come and learn about Diwali collectively whilst enjoying the celebration of the Hindu festival, to a collaborative movie nights to raise money for the Divya Sewa Foundation charity. Our most prestigious events through the year, has to be our London Zone Sewa day event, where we saw chapters come together to serve at the Bhaktivedanta Manor. London Zone is a zone that are always reaching new heights and pushing the boundaries to encourage growth, without any compromise.

Our chapters strive to achieve nothing but the best and believe in the importance of learning about Hindu Dharma and Sewa in all aspects in life. London Zone aims once again this year in becoming bigger and better!

Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached – Swami Vivekananda



London Zone Garba – Wednesday 29th October 2014
London Zone Meeting – Saturday 8th November 2014
London & South Zone Sports Competition – Saturday 6th December 2014
London Zone 108 Hanuman Chalisas (Hanumanji on Tour finale event) – Saturday 7th March.

London Zone Garba 2013

NHSF (UK) London Zone held the first ever London Zone Garba at Hammersmith Town Hall on Wednesday 30th October 2013. This event brought all of London Zone together to celebrate the Hindu festival of Navratri. 600 students danced the night away together as they celebrated the triumph of good over evil. With the help of eight strong individuals, each from London Zone chapters, we were able to pull off such a large event. Due to the amazing success of London Zone Garba, London Zone raised £250 for the National charity Divya Sewa Foundation. Furthermore, the event was so popular that Hammersmith and Fulham Newspaper included an article about it. London Zone Garba was a massive success and will continue to be for years. London Zone truly has made history and started an amazing tradition.


London Garba Article


London Zone Meeting – Saturday 8th November

NHSF London Zone has this year introduced a London Zone Meeting, which will take place on Saturday 8th November 2014. This year, we as London Zone have introduced this event so that London Zone Parivaar can come back together and build collaborations for the second semester. It is chance for chapters to review and reflect on their first term and is also a great way for chapters to sit with their buddy and discuss ideas for the upcoming term. At the London Zone Meeting chapters will learn about new projects and events such as NHSF (UK) Hindu Awareness Week, Sewa Week, Hanumanji on Tour and many others. London Zone Meeting is the time for chapters to begin the second half of their journey, and with the help of chapter buddies and London Zone Team we plan to give them the tools they will need to manage.


London Zone Sports Competition 2013

History was made when NHSF (UK) London Zone held the first ever London Zone Sports Competition at Hillingdon Sports and Leisure Centre on Sunday 24th November 2013. 13 chapters from across London and South Zone took part in a range of different sports. With over 200 students attending, the event was an absolute success. London and South Zone chapters went head to head to compete for the trophies in football, netball, kabaddi and kho-kho. At the beginning of the competition, LSE were dominating on the football pitches and the netball courts, which allowed them to take home both the trophies for football and netball. Kabaddi was tough but NHSF Imperial managed to take on all competitors and in the end take the trophy back to Imperial College London. Westminster ran circles around its competition and won the kho-kho trophy. London Zone Sports Competition could not have happened without the help of NHSF Brunel who worked incredibly hard to make the event a triumphant success. It was a proud day for London Zone team who started a new tradition and brought the Parivaar together through a love of sports.



NHSF (UK) London Zone Sports Competition 2013 Winners

Netball – London School of Economics and Political Science

Football – London School of Economics and Political Science

Kho Kho – University of Westminster

Kabbadi – Imperial College

NHSF (UK) London & South Zone Sports Competition 2014 Winners

Netball – London School of Economics and Political Science

Football – University of Westminster

Kho Kho – Kingston University

Kabbadi – Imperial College

Badminton – Brunel University

NHSF (UK) London & South Zone Sports Competition 2016 Winners

Kabaddi – NHSF Imperial

Netball – NHSF LSE

Badminton – NHSF Brunel

Football – NHSF LSE

Kho Kho – NHSF Kingston

NHSF (UK) London & South Zone Sports Competition 2017 Winners

Badminton – NHSF Brunel

Football – NHSF City

Netball – NHSF Imperial

Kho Kho – NHSF Kingston

Women’s Kabbadi – NHSF LSE A

Men’s Kabbadi – NHSF LSE

London Zone Garba 2014 – Wednesday 29th October 2014

NHSF London Zone is proud to announce London Zone Garba 2014. Last year we had fun seeing over 600 students consisting of 12 universities all coming together to celebrate the auspicious festival of Navratri. This year, due the huge success of the event, the Garba is becoming bigger and better.  London Zone Garba 2014 is not only going to be supported by an additional two chapters that are new to NHSF, but we have confirmed a venue that caters for over a thousand people. This year over a thousand students will come together, and in addition to us having fun celebrating Navratri, as always, all profits will be directly given to the NHSF (UK) chosen charity Divya Sewa Foundation.  Please take a moment and join us in one of the biggest Garbas NHSF has ever seen, come to London Zone Garba 2014 and let’s all have fun, learn about Navratri, and enjoy the event knowing we’re helping people all around the world. Be There and Let’s Make This Garba Big!


Contact details

London Zone Coordinator: Umi Raichura

London Zone Team: Pavithra Natarajan, Hershil Lakhani, Sagar Ghelani, Prianka Chotai