NHSF (UK) National Committee

All of our NHSF (UK) Chapters across the country are supported by a backbone of over 55 National Volunteers who make up the National Committee (NatCom). NatCom is made up of 6 different teams, each with specific focus areas combining to deliver the primary aim of supporting and guiding NHSF (UK) Chapters, bringing students together for zonal and national events, and coordinating nationwide initiatives. Should you need to contact our National Committee, please find details of our points of contact below: 



 Name: Position: Contact Details:
 Drishti Mae  President  president@nhsf.org.uk
 Akshaya Rajangam, Shyam Raiyarel  Vice Presidents  vicepresident@nhsf.org.uk
 Dip Lodhiya  Treasurer / Finance Team Coordinator  treasurer@nhsf.org.uk
 Bhavya Shah, Deepika Nandha  General Secretaries  generalsecretaries@nhsf.org.uk
 Keval Chavda  PR Team Coordinator  publicrelationstc@nhsf.org.uk
 Ajay Sohal  Campus Team Coordinator  campustc@nhsf.org.uk
 Sagar Ghelani  Sanskaar Team Coordinator  sanskaartc@nhsf.org.uk
 Kavita Puri  Events Team Coordinator  eventstc@nhsf.org.uk