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National Donation Day

Wednesday 5th of November, 2014

NDD 2014 LogoNational donation day is an exciting campaign that was launched by National Hindu Student’s Forum (NHSF) UK two years ago in the form of National Blood Donation day in association with the NHS Blood Donation campaign. This year the campaign has evolved into National Donation Day to include not just blood donation but also Organ and Bone Marrow donation.


The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of donating blood, bone marrow and organ and actively donate blood. It is supposed to be a day/week where as many members of NHSF (UK) throughout the country try and get involved with donating. This year National Donation Day will be taking place on the 4th November 2015.


Why should I donate blood?


  • Currently in the UK there is a shortage of blood supplies, especially of B- and O- blood types, which means if that is your blood type and should you require blood transfusion of any sort, you will struggle to find a match.
  • It is considered beneficial to have blood which is as community matched as possible and therefore it is rather disappointing that only 2% of the South Asian community donate blood. Your donation of blood can improve or save the lives of 3 adults, which is equivalent of 7 babies.
  • Still not convinced? Check out this video.



Why donate bone marrow?


  • In the UK, every 20 minutes someone is told they suffer from blood cancer. Doing the math, that accounts to early 25,000 people year. The cure for these people does not lie in a lab or a pill. The cure could be you. All it takes is for a healthy 16-30 years old to donate their blood stem cell.
  • 94% of Britain can’t help an Asian person with blood cancer. The only chance that someone from an ethnic minority has of finding a matching donor is someone from the same ethnicity. In the case of Asian patients, that’s just 6% of the population of the country we reside in.
  • Are you willing to donate?


Organ donation – why bother?


  • Fewer than 5,000 people each year in the UK die in a state where they can donate their organs. That is why every person that registers on the Organ Donor Register makes a difference. Registering on the register means you are willing to donate your organs after you die, and that can help transform and save the life of a desperately ill person.
  • Patients from the Black, Asian and some Ethnic Minority (BAME) patients are more likely to need an organ transplant than the rest of the UK as they are more likely to suffer from illnesses, which will cause their organs to fail.
  • 66% of BAME communities living in the UK do not give their loved ones the permission to donate their organs whereas the number is 43% in the rest of the population. Much like bone marrow, the organs are much likelier to match if the ethnicities of the donor and patient are the same.
  • It’s time for a change.


Donate and save a life…you don’t need to be superhuman to be a superhero …