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Over 20 years of Hindu Society Experience in the UK

There is a collective wealth of knowledge and experience that the National Committee can provide. We are here to serve you and aid you in helping your Hindu Society becoming the best society it can be on campus.

Continuous Development & Training Resources

We have a team who are here to serve you. Our team is dedicated to providing all Hindu Societies with the essential skills that are needed to keep the society alive.

Fantastic Free Fresher Packs

Fresher’s Week is a busy time for all societies across the UK. Our team are here to help you become the most prepared society on campus with our custom made Freshers Packs that you can use for your Fresher’s Fair.

National Initiatives

NHSF (UK) has a brilliant variety of national initiatives that Hindu Societies can get involved in.

Greater Collaborative Environment

Collaborate with over 40 Hindu societies across the UK and be part of one big family.

Collective Financial Support System

We believe in supporting our Hindu Societies with financial aid for their events.

National and Zonal Events

NHSF (UK) holds amazing events that bring thousands of students together such as Committees’ Day, National Sports Competition, Zonal Sports Competition and many others. 

Networking Opportunities

We attend many networking events across the country that you are more than welcome to attend. This will give you the opportunity to meet other inspiring people! 

Become a member of a National Hindu Student Body

NHSF (UK) is the largest Hindu student body outside of India and has inspired Hindu youth at Universities for over 20 years. Join today and become part of something amazing!