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South Zone

About Us

In the past year the South Zone has grown from nine chapters to 12 chapters as we go into the 2014/15 academic year. The zone stretches across 600 miles from University of East Anglian to Plymouth university.

Each and every chapter have their own twist on bringing culture and learning to their university community and local samaj. Memorable events include Dola Re; Jalwa; Diwali and Holi.

In March 2014, South Zone and London Zone collaborated to host Krishna Kirtan 2014 at the VHP Mandir in Ilford. Krishna Kirtan was a 12 hour prayer dedicated to Lord Krishna with stalls and refreshments were provided throughout the day.


Our Events

South Zone Meeting

In November the South Zone chapter committees meet to reflect and review on the year to date.
South zone meeting allows chapters to build relationships with each other and share ideas.
The host chapter also plan an exciting team building social.

London and South Zone Sports Competition

In the first collaboration between the two zones, our sports competition will be held at the beginning of December.

Who will take home the gold medals for the Mixed Doubles Badminton, Netball, Football, Kabbadi and Kho Kho? This event will display the finest sporting talent that South Zone and London Zone have to Show

Watch this space for a time and location! 

London and South Zone Hanumaji on Tour

This year our new and exciting event brings Bhakti to the chapters. Hanumanji will be travelling to 17 different locations where 11 Hanumanji Chalisa will be chanted by university communities with their local Samaj.

There will be a finale event in London, where 108 Hanuman Chalisas will be chanted. All those who have taken part in the tour and local community’s will be invited to join us in the final celebration event of the tour.


Contact Us

South Zone Coordinator: Bhavik Vara

South Zone Team: Neha Rayani, Urvi Rabadia, Keval Chavda