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Sixth Form

UK Local Elections 2016

May 7, 2016 |

A South Asian, Sadiq Khan, was elected as Mayor of London for the first time, highlighting how multicultural the capital is. With less than 45% of the city’s population being White British, the colour of one’s skin is becoming much … Read More

UK Elections 2016 Survey Report

May 5, 2016 |

The National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK) undertook a member opinion survey to better understand and gauge voting intentions of the Hindu student community in the UK, in view of current elections. The aim was to understand the most important issues … Read More

Guru Purnima 2014

Jul 13, 2014 |

NHSF (UK) Schools Team

Shyam Lakhani & Rajiv Kotecha

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुर्गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः । गुरुरेव परं ब्रह्म तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ॥१॥ 

‘Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Maheswara. Guru shakshat, param Brahma, tasmai Shri Guruvay namah’

The Day :

On a day when the Hindu Community celebrates its revered spiritual, educational and inspirational leaders we pay homage to the importance of the day. We aim to learn,  understand and appreciate the value the day of  Guru Purnima brings.

The Ethos :

The day traditionally falls within the month of Ashadh (July-August). Hindus refer to this day as Guru Purnima, (Sometimes also called Vyasa Purnima). On this day, devotees offer puja (worship) to their Guru. Guru Purnima acknowledges the might of ones teacher or Guru through respect and reverence. The occasion is celebrated in memory of the great sage Vyasa whom it is believed was born on this day.


Read More

Sewa Team Project

Mar 12, 2012 |

Project Name:

Sewa Day (Wooo!)

Project Mentor:

Parth Depala

Project Background:

Sewa Day has come a long way since its inauguration two years ago where it was a national project whereas now it has become a worldwide phenomenon with thousands … Read More

Legal Team Project

Mar 12, 2012 |

Project Name: HLA Student Membership

Project Mentor: Dhanisha Patel

Project Background – The Hindu Lawyers Association is a recently founded organisation that aims to create a community of legal professionals who will be able to provide direct assistance to Hindu … Read More

Design & Marketing Team Project

Mar 12, 2012 |

Project Name: Design a new Sixth-Form Newsletter Template

Project Mentor: Raj Chevli

Project Background:

The sixth form team newsletter has been going for nearly two years and it has had the same template ever since. It’s now time to get … Read More

Campus Team Project

Mar 12, 2012 |

Project Name:

Chapter resources – To engineer a system where NHSF (UK) online resources are always up to date whilst ensuring that the resources are easy to find and accessible.

Project Mentor:

Kiran Patel

Project background:

Being such a … Read More

Politics Team Project

Mar 12, 2012 |

Project Name

Drawing the political map in student politics.

Project Mentor

Hersh Thaker

Project Background NHSF is the lone national student body representing Hindu University Students. However, despite becoming established over the last 20 years we have failed to make … Read More

Admin Team Project

Mar 12, 2012 |

Project Name: Stake Holder Analysis

Project Mentor: Chirag Patel/Vishal Patel

Project Background: With NHSF’s continuous improvement plan there has become a need to assess all of our major projects, their viability, feasibility and need – but also to assess that … Read More

Finance Team Project

Mar 12, 2012 |

Project Name

NHSF (UK) Grants Research Project

Project Mentor

Preet Chheda (Subject to availability)

Project Background

NHSF (UK) have actively been looking for grants for a number of years, however due to time restrictions and workload that this project entails, … Read More