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Brexit Confirmed

Jun 27, 2016 |

On Friday morning, we awoke to the news that the United Kingdom had voted to leave the European Union. This decision to leave earned 51.9% of the vote compared to 48.1% who voted to remain. It seemed that after this … Read More

Maintenance Grants Cut

Jan 22, 2016 |


UK Chancellor George Osborne has announced that the current maintenance grant is to be scrapped and replaced by a loans system, affecting students starting University in September 2016.

When the government tripled tuition fees in 2012, they attempted to soften the … Read More

NHSF (UK) Zonal Garba

Nov 9, 2015 |

London Zone Garba

On the evening of 28th October 2015, NHSF (UK) London Zone team managed to get together more than 1000 students from 15 different universities at Harrow Leisure Centre to celebrate the festival of Navratri – the triumph … Read More

Hindu Students Celebrating Diwali

Nov 11, 2013 |

By Amar Jethi
NHSF (UK) PR Officer

As Diwali, the archetypal festival of lights, engulfs our daily lives once again, we remember the triumphant victories of good over evil thousands of years ago by our Devas in a fashionable light.

Diwali celebrates prosperity, good luck, happiness, peace, love, forgiveness and various other ideals.

However it also marks a staying point in many modern Hindu lives; reuniting families as it did back in the kingdom of Ayodhya after the return of Sri Ramachandra from a 14 year exile. Hindus celebrate this most fervently with candles, lights and firework celebrations at this time. But what about NHSF (UK)? What do Hindu students do to celebrate Diwali in the UK?

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Student Achievers

Jun 4, 2013 |

By Mayur Shikotra
Events Team Coordinator

During a student’s time at university, somewhere between all their studying, procrastination and sleeping, they find the time to do something spectacular. Some join a sports team, others join a variety of societies, but it is those very few individuals who have the courage to make a difference and run a society. Societies at university level hold regular events for their members. However, only a handful of societies take it that step further and provide students with the opportunity to develop physically, mentally and spiritually; NHSF (UK) societies are within this minority.

The first thing that comes to mind when a student hears about the ‘Hindu Society’ is, “All they do is Aarti”. However, evidence suggests that NHSF (UK) affiliated Hindu Societies are going above and beyond events, by providing members with a whole new Hindu student university experience.

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